Three Pieces for Orchestra


"Also admirable are [Beck's] orchestration skills made apparent in the Three Pieces for Orchestra in which different threads manifest themselves simultaneously and request your attention."

Classical Music Sentinel

Judges' comments from the 2023 Best Symphonina of the Year competition:

"...Congrats on a truly wonderful work – one of my top
scores! I look forward to hearing, and appreciating, much more of your music. Well done!"

"Masterly in every respect, beautiful sound textures, varied rhythms, very expressive and picturesque!"

"Short, approachable pieces of tonal music that are enjoyable for a contemporary audience, yet still show respect for and acknowledgement of the Classical masters who came before us. An outstanding entry, bravo."

"...There are some moments where I think of Samuel Barber. Very special moments. Bordering on some atonality but turning back before its there. Ending is quite moving."

This set of pieces includes:

  1. By Moonlight
  2. Tempest
  3. Serenade

Each of the movement’s individual pages includes a description of the music, audio recording, and other information about the work.

The individual movements of Three Pieces for Orchestra were each recorded by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Mikel Toms conductor, and released on separate disks on the Ablaze label in 2017-19. The entire suite is available on my 2020 innova CD, by moonlight.

Date completed:

Featured Recording

by moonlight

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