ARTxFM interview – November 14, 2013 (Louisville, KY)

In this interview with composer and host Jacob Gotlib, I share my perspective on new classical music, discuss my own creative work, and answer questions about my general background and life as a composer.

WUOL interview – September 9, 2013 (Louisville, KY)

In this interview with WUOL program director and composer Daniel Gilliam, I discuss my compositional background, approach, and influences related to the music on my recently released CD, String Quartets.

WUOL interview – March 12, 2006 (Louisville, KY)

This interview is with composer Daniel Gilliam, host of “Brave New World,” and was given shortly after the release of my CD, pause and feel and hark. I discuss Black Water (which appears on that recording) and mention a current project, String Quartet No. 5.

WQED interviews – 2001 (Pittsburgh, PA)

This radio show is in promotion of my opera, The Biddle Boys and Mrs. Soffel. It features excerpts from interviews with me, the stage director (Helen Meade), and the producer (Michelle Gray-Schaffer).

KUNI interview – Feb. 9, 1994 (Cedar Falls, IA)

With host Mary Fain, I share some of my experiences teaching in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the fall semester of 1993.

KUNI interview – Apr. 2, 1993 (Cedar Falls, IA)

In this interview with host Mary Fain, I discuss my relationship with some of my earlier compositions.

KUNI interview – Nov. 1992 (Cedar Falls, IA)

Interviewed by host Mary Fain, I discuss my opera The Highway, composing in general, and the teaching of composition.

WNYC interview with Tim Page – Feb. 1985 (New York City)

Tim Page and I discuss an upcoming concert of my music in NYC, which included three premieres.

Letters, Ephemera

Note from Lukas Foss (June 1997)

I had studied with Lukas when he was a visiting professor at Yale; he was a kind supporter of my work.

Oates was effusive in her appreciation of the work I had composed based on her novel, Black Water.

National Federation of Music Clubs, 1983-1985

A young composers competition in which I earned awards in the company of my far more famous and successful peers, Michael Torke and Aaron Kernis.

Mad Oppy (NYC, 1980s)

This was the band I formed and led back in the day. We put out one album, Locked, in 1983-84. Those tracks are now available for download through Google Play, iTunes, etc.