Creative Writing

Memory Embraced (2018) – This book is a story of sorts, told in fragments.

“So much writing skill is embedded in this hard-to-categorize but intensely memorable piece that it is the reader’s pleasure simply to let go, fully immerse himself and read.” – Joel R. Dennstedt (Readers’ Favorite)


“Composing With Eyes Open: A Discussion of Commissions and Contracts,” American Comps. Forum, Sounding Board 1, 6-7 (Oct.-Nov.-Dec. 2010).

“Anything Goes? Composition at the Turn of the Century,” College Music Society (Jan. & May 1999).

A critique of contemporary Western classical composition, with responses.

“In Memorium: Jacob Druckman,” 20th-Century Music (July 1996)

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“Speaking of Music and the Counterpoint of Copyright: Addressing the Legal and Ethical Concerns in Making Oral History Available to the Public,” 2011 Duke L. & Tech. Rev. 005.

Co-authored with Libby Van Cleve, Director of Oral History of American Music at Yale University Library.

“Register This Warning, Copyright Holders: Get Claims on File or Lose Infringement Actions on Summary Judgment,” K.B.A. Pub. Bench & Bar (Sept. 2009).

“Dodging Left and Right: The Emerging Use of a Qualified Associational Privilege in IP Litigation,” A.B.A. Sec. Pub. Intell. Prop. Litig. 20/1 (Fall 2008).

Discusses freedom of association and limits on discovery in copyright and trademark litigation.

“Music Composition, Sound Recordings and Digital Sampling in the 21st Century: A Legislative and Legal Framework to Balance Competing Interests,” 13 UCLA Ent. L. Rev. 1 (2005).

This article won Second Prize in the 2005 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. L.J. Comment Contest. It has been cited in other law review articles and in an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in Golan v. Holder (2011).


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