String Quartet No. 6


The album reaches its climax with 'String Quartet No. 6', played by the outstanding Frosch String Quartet. The quartet's two binary movements are a masterpiece of structure and theme development. The relationship between the movements is made clear through clever variations of melody, motif and harmony, highlighting Beck's mastery of composition.

- Amplified Magazine (Germany)

This composition was completed in Louisville on February 24, 2018. As of this writing two years later, it has yet to be premiered. It has been recorded by the Frosch String Quartet and is included on my 2023 release, remember (Neuma 183).

This work is in two binary movements; both begin with lyrical material and then progress to music that is fast and agitated. In addition to the relationship of their formal structures, the second movement reflects certain relationships to the first movement’s melodic and motivic ideas.

two violins, viola, cello
Date completed:

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