Jeremy Beck composer

“[This] American composer knows the importance of embracing the past while also going his own way. … [In] Beck’s forceful and expressive sound world … the writing is concise in structure and generous in tonal language, savouring both the dramatic and the poetic.”

Donald Rosenberg (Gramophone)

Jeremy was a first-prize winner in the 2021 The King’s Singers New Music Prize; the world premiere of his winning choral composition Invitation to Love was given that year at Washington National Cathedral.  His music has been presented by New York City Opera, ETHEL, the Apollo Chorus of Chicago, American Composers Orchestra, Center for Contemporary Opera, and the Louisville Orchestra, among others. Recordings of Jeremy’s orchestral, chamber, and vocal music are available on the neuma, innova, and Ablaze labels.

“I compose music that is direct: music that unfolds in a fresh tonal dialect and propelled by a contemporary rhythmic profile, while still derived from historical Western practice. It is music where mystery and design are equally embraced.” 


remember (Neuma 183)
new 2023 release of chamber and vocal music

“Jeremy Beck’s album ‘Remember’ is a sonic revelation. With an impressive range of instrumental and vocal compositions, Beck takes us into a world of emotions and reflection. The compositions, including the award-winning ‘Invitation to Love’, testify to Beck’s extraordinary creative vision and his ability to translate deep feelings into music. …

Overall, Jeremy Beck’s ‘Remember’ is a triumphant album that explores the boundaries of music and takes the listener on a journey of emotions. The diversity of the compositions and the masterful interpretations make this album an unforgettable experience. With a rating of 8/10, this album deserves all the recognition and attention it will undoubtedly receive.”

Amplified Magazine (Germany)

Recorded both in the U.S. and Eastern Europe, these new compositions engage the listener, invite contemplation, offer pleasure, and reveal a lyrical aesthetic committed to beauty, intimacy, and animated joy.

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Invitation to Love for SSA a cappella

“Invitation to Love” won First Prize in Category 3 of The King’s Singers New Music Prize. This is the world premiere given 28 February 2021 by Cathedra, directed by Michael McCarthy, at Washington National Cathedral.